Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sushi O Sushi

When I crave sushi, I usually head to Whole Foods Market to pick up some of their brown rice or multigrain rice sushi for a healthier alternative to white rice sushi in restaurants. I missed going to restaurants when I wanted a “healthy” fix of sushi, like in my hometown when I could order brown rice sushi for an extra charge, so I searched for a local sushi restaurant on the internet that also serves brown rice. There is where I found Sushi O Sushi, which is on El Camino Real in Santa Clara.
Walking in, I sensed that the restaurant was nicer than most of the local sushi restaurants around here, despite its unkempt outward appearance. Around regular dinner hours, you can expect full tables and a bit of a wait to be seated. Once seated, the service was fast and friendly; but one given the menu I became overwhelmed by all the entrees and sushi roll options. I decided to keep my choice simple, no overloads on sauces or tempura, which is sure to make anything taste good when fried. I chose a “Rocky Roll” with brown rice; a roll with yellow tail and avocado in the center, and layer with salmon, tuna, and grilled eel on top. They informed me that their brown rice is a mix of many grains, making it even better in my eyes since multigrain is considered even healthier.
Not too long later, I received my roll. I was surprised at first by the purple color of the rice from all the different grains, but that did not discourage me from eating it. Every piece as a delight; the fish tasted fresh, not fishy, and the rice tasted sweet, complemented the fish, and did not come out mushy like brown rice sushi tends to be from other places I have tried it. I was satisfied to have found my new favorite place for sushi; the dollar extra for charge the change in rice did not seem too big of cost considering their quality.
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