Monday, October 24, 2011

random essay from class

The movie Cloudy with a of Meatballs (2009) was inspired by the book by Ron and Judy Barrett. It is about an inventor named Flint Lockwood and his relationship with his father who misunderstands Flint’s undertakings, set on an island called Swallow Falls. Their town faces hard times with sardines as its only food source, and Flint believes he can save it by inventing a machine that makes food from water.  Flint takes the finished machine outside for a test run; it blasts up in the sky, and starts raining cheeseburgers over the island. People of the town are ecstatic about their new source of food, along with a weather girl named Sam Sparks who reports the forecast to people around the world.
Flint is now able to take orders from the townspeople and the machine rains whatever food the people ask for. Sam reports the forecast of every meal and becomes famous. Over time, newly named Chewandswallow’s townspeople get greedy with their food orders; the machine becomes overworked and begins creating uneatable foods. After Flint and Sam heroically end all the chaos, Chewandswallow goes back to Swallow Falls and the townspeople return to their previous way of life.
The movie delivers a variety of messages to the audience. First, there are common morals of the story, such as not giving up and persistence. Flint’s character displays that being different and misunderstood should not stop people from doing what they want to do. Another significant moral the movie communicates is to be yourself. Sam and Flint develop attraction for each other, but Sam still acts dumb to attract Flint. This message is for people who try to change in order to fit in or become attractive. Most family films are geared to teach morals, but this one also tries to reach out to popular culture.
It is known that the United States is dealing with obesity and poor health. Media tries to spread knowledge of portion control while restaurants continuously serve bigger meals. There have been more cases of diabetes and heart diseases with the growing waistlines. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs makes a statement about gluttony. Overeating is part of popular culture today, and media is trying to promote health consciousness to the growing population.
The movie obviously communicates this message and makes it entertaining for viewers. Many critics have picked up the themes; some deem the movie too childish, but others point out the clever wit of the creators.  The characters are relatable to a variety of personalities and there are comical references for more mature audiences, so everyone follows storyline and picks up the themes. Evidently, people should not expect deeper meanings and connections to popular culture.
This movie is spiritual in a sense that it encourages morality and teaches a better way to live. In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the creators promote what they think is good for the public; strive for your greatest, be proud, and be more health conscious, now when obesity is on the rise. Animated movies like this have more to offer than just entertainment.

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