Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Don't Understand

I stumbled on this true story about a girl named Danielle. She basically was left in her house her entire life until she was almost 7. Her mom left her home, did not potty train her, did not teach her to eat or talk, or even bring her doctor. She was left in her room to lie there like a baby in her own feces; the house was not ever cleaned and bugs crawled around everywhere. Danielle's lack of interaction made her become a child that acts like a baby and as completely unsocialized.
Because 85% of the brain develops in a human first few years, people did not have much hope for her once child services came to take her away. The story goes on with a older couple adopting her because they thought she needed them, and they go through the difficult task of trying to teach her how to be human. When I read this story I could not believe how someone could let her child grow up like this. It suprised me how much it is necessary to have a nuturing environment and interaction. It is amazing that her new parents were able to make some progress with her development. I wonder where she has ended up today.
Read the story:

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