Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Roommates

So today I stumbled upon some guy named Wally's blog about all these annoying occurrences with his roommate Rachael; it is called Things Rachael and I Argue About. You find that the name is fitting because from the experiences he talks about with her, you can see how wacky Rachael is. They get into random arguement, or more correctly, Rachael starts random arguements about anything and makes it turn into how Wally does not care about her or that he thinks she is a horrible person. She is not even his girlfriend and he puts up with all her attitude and stupid comments; he seems like a smart guy from how he shows himself, but he can not seem to get away from her. I can not necessarily relate to Wally for having a dumb roommate like Rachael, but I have gone through a few years with some wonderful roommates: Freshman year, my roommate and I were complete opposites, it made it hard to find friends who were actually into my interest and on top of that we had entirely different schedules year round; she got up early mornings, waking me from my sleep, and she went to bed early, making me have to go through my nightly tasks in the dark. Sophomore year I chose my roommate and I thought it would be fine, but she though it would be okay to take my clothes without asking and leave leftover food all around the room; we got into a lot of fights. Junior year my roommate was always at her EX-boyfriend's place, which was fine for me to have the room to myself until she got into fights and brought her upset feelings back to me. She also would leave the room an entire mess that I eventually gave up cleaning up my stuff most of the time cause it would not make any difference. This year, I have a single, but still have one apparment-mate I can go through interesting times with. At least this year I can go into my room for some privacy if I need it. If you want to see the blog, here it is: It is pretty funny.

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