Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking Errors

Today I stumbled upon a Cooking Light page about the the most common cooking mistakes that people make. There are a lot of the mistakes on there that I have not ever made, but mainly because I have never tried a bunch of them. There are some mistakes that I already know the correct way to handle them, but others..not so much.

One for instance, is that I make unwise baking substitutions. Trying to turn sugary baked goods into something healthier resulted in a bunch of failed attempts.

Another is that I boil instead of simmer. Honestly, I did not know the difference.

And third, I used to have no idea how vegetable dishes in restaurants came out so colorful while mine browned and got too soft. I learned that you are supposed to shock the veggies in cold water after they are done heating to the desired texture.

I could go on with a few more, but decided just to talk about the mistake I have to deal with often in my school's cafeteria: icky hard-boiled eggs. When I add eggs to my salad at the salad bar they always have that greenish ring around the yolk; it looks kind of gross, but I eat it anyways. Maybe I should consider sending them this link:


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