Thursday, October 27, 2011


Earlier today, I stumbled on a commercial for this foundation brand called Dermablend. Dermablend specializes in makeup to conceal flaws, scars, tattoos, etc. on the face and body. I bought some of this stuff a while ago because I anted to see if it could cover a couple scars I have when I was going to a formal event and did not want them showing while wearing a fancy dress.
I saw the commercial and as amazed how a makeup team could completely cover up tattoos that this guy had all over his face and body, making him look like a zombie. Well, when we started taking off the makeup in the commercial, my first thought was of why he even got those tattoos in the first place, and then my then thought was WOW they could really cover all those up.
When I used Dermablend on my scars, I felt like it did not cover it pretty well nor blend in my skin so it looked obvious. Later in the day, when I stumbled on an article about the making of the commercial, I learned how it all went down. So basically, I learned I should hire a makeup team whenever I want to bare my legs. That way it can look as good as zombie boy's did. Cool story, I know.

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