Sunday, December 4, 2011


I think I just viewed one of the weirdest things I have ever stumbled is not too suprising that it is on a site which talks about all these weird things that come from Asians. The thing is called "The Ultimate Fart Silencer" which already rings certain bells in my mind.

The gagdet is a small plastic tube with one of the ends open and the other end has a bunch of holes. To use it, people "are instructed to insert the open end into their anus when they feel a fart is coming"...ok, first off, when people feel a fart coming, the embarassing part is that they can not hold it in. It is not likely that people can randomly feel some gas coming and are able to run off to, hopefully, some secluded place to pull down their pants and stick a tube up their butt. It would make more sense if people were just instructed to keep it in there while they are in public. That does not seem comfortable to me, but I guess if I was repeat offender of farting in public I wouldn't mind dealing with that to avoid embarassment..

Another thing they suggest it to spray some perfume or other favored scents into a cotton ball and stick it in the tube to the side with the holes in order to block the smell as well. Don't you think it would be really weird if randomly a perfume smell mixed with other great smells just came out of nowhere while you were standing in a crowd? I am suprised they did not suggest sticking potpourri in there.
See for yourself:

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