Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weird Trees

Today I stumbled upon a strange site about world mysteries. I read a post about a forest in Poland with about 400 pine trees. What is strange about this forest is that all the trees in the forest have a 90 degree bend in the base of the trunk, which have the trees point towards the north. They speculate that the tree farmers held the tree down after they began to grow out of the ground. This is the only logical explaination I can believe now that I am starting to learn about plants and their growth plans in biology. Plants that grow out of the ground, like trees, grow upward because they are trying to reach gases for exchange and sunlight for photosynthesis. There is no reason the trees could have naturally grown that way, obviously because sunlight and gases are more abundant upwards, not northwards. Interesting how I can relate things I learn in class to things I stumple upon. Here is the link:

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